Warts On Feet – How to Removing Warts on Feet Naturally

Warts On FootKnowing how to get rid of warts on feet is a situation no one wishes upon themselves but it is necessary at times. One advantage of having warts on your feet is that they are not on your hands or face which are more visible. Unfortunately many people are not aware they have warts down there because they do not look for the very often.

Warts on Feet – Home Remedies for Warts on Feet

The most sought after Home Remedies for Warts on Feet are to help people get rid of those painful plantar warts. These are warts that grow on the soles of the foot which cause pain when a person walks or runs. Unfortunately they tend to pop up on areas of the sole where there is pressure and friction for maximum discomfort to the person with them.

Get Rid of Warts With Liquid Nitrogen

If you have warts on feet and desire to get rid of them, most of the common home remedies for wart removal from other parts of the body are not applicable. This includes the use of a blistering agent like Compound W or aspirin. A Foot and Toe Wart Treatment have to be different because they are in an area of the body what have contact with other surfaces on a regular basis. Not too many Band-Aids stay in place on the foot or toes for an extended period of time. This will diminish the usefulness of most blistering agents.

Warts Remedies With Wartrol

Warts On FeetThe best way to get rid of warts on foot and toes is to freeze them. In a doctor’s office the use of liquid nitrogen is used. This method can reach a temperature of -320 F or 196 C. Because of how dangerous this chemical is, it is not readily available to the public. What is available to the public in an over the counter wart treatment are products that can reach -70 F or -57 C. These are aerosol treatments that are very effective that are effective foot wart removal process.

The use of duct, masking or electrical tape is another method, but the adhesive must be strong enough to stay attached and suffocate the wart. This is the problem with this remedy. While effective on the toes, the bottom of the foot for plantar wart removal is hit and miss at best.

This is why to get rid of warts on feet frustrate so many people that are afflicted with them. The location of the warts is not condusive to common treatments for this viral infection. The moist dark areas, that most feet are placed in help to allow the warts to grow while they are being ignored by the person who has them. Fresh air will help to dry them out so a treatment will be more effective.

The use of cauterization for wart removal by many physicians is now in widespread use in the medial world. This process requires the wart to be burnt off with electricity. It can be done in the matter of minutes and is an effective way to stop that wart from rematerializing.

Warts Remedies With Wartrol

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Wartrol – Wartrol is clinically proven and uses FDA approved ingredients to remove common and plantar warts caused by HPV. Wartrol is a fast acting, painless liquid that comes in a convenient drop applicator.

Just remember warts on feet are not something you have to live with. There are effective wart removal treatments available; all you have to do is use one of them. Start applying them now to get rid of warts on feet.